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Bull Terriers – A Guide to the Breed


The Bull Terrier is a powerful, robust and medium to large sized dog. This canine measures about 20 to 24 inches at the withers and its weight is 45 to 80 pounds. The head of the Bull Terrier helps us to identify it instantly, as it is shaped like an egg when seen from the front. The hard and short coat is usually found in either a colored or whitish form. This dog has longevity of around 10 to 15 years. It is also termed as the Standard Bull Terrier or the English Bull Terrier.


The Bull Terrier was reared initially to participate in the “sport” of bull baiting. As the aficionados of bull baiting needed a more nimble canine than the noticeably cumbersome Bulldog, this dog was bred to the Spanish Pointer and English Terrier. As a competitor in the bull baiting ring, nevertheless, the Bull Terrier was a failure. It was accustomed to assaulting creatures tied to a post, and did not perform well with free contenders. Notwithstanding, the canine had been able to attract a fairly large number of individuals and was continued as an annihilator of vermin and companion dog.


The Bull Terrier has had the greater part of the animosity bred out of it and is presently an exceptionally adoring and friendly pooch. This canine relishes human company and needs to be with them always. The Bull Terrier will experience agony if it is away from them for long period of time. This is an exceptionally energetic canine, even something of a clown, and prefers being with kids. The enthusiasm of the Bull Terrier may be excessive for little kids, nonetheless. This Terrier does need to have an owner who can show authority.

Health Issues

The Bull Terriers show more deafness than expected in its bloodlines. The white mutts are particularly vulnerable to this. Dislocation of the kneecap is a common phenomenon in this breed too. This Terrier can likewise suffer from obsessive issues where the canine will chew or lick or scratch for quite a long time unless halted. This can generally be controlled medicinally. Zinc inadequacy can likewise cause genuine concerns in this breed.


As the Bull Terrier has short hair, it is not difficult to groom. A weekly grooming will keep the coat in great condition. Check the ears and eyes once in a while for aggravations and verify that the nails stay short. Running a chamois fabric over the canine’s coat after grooming, will provide for it an extremely decent sparkle.

Living Conditions 

This pooch will be exceptionally despondent if kept out of family activities, and behavioral issues may emerge if this Terrier does not get enough consideration. As it is genuinely dynamic indoors, the Bull Terrier is able to stay in an apartment setting. It will acknowledge long strolls or running alongside your bike.